Countless Hours in the School Yard

There are many kids in the Edublog community and we all have different experiences in our international lives. For me, I spend more hours at school some days than at home. This is not just because my siblings and I engage in many different activities like basketball, karate, or soccer but our school is also a safe play where can hang out with our friends after school hours. To begin with my day on a regular basis starts like this; I get to school at around 7:50am and head to library to finish up any leftover from the night before or just to get some extra sleep. Then after 15 – 20 minutes when people show up, I go outside and find my friends talk until the bell ringing at 8:25am. Next, our regular school day is off. The bell to inform us our hard day of work is over goes off at 3:20pm. Finally, after a hopefully productive day, I head to Shady Shake, our on campus restaurant, and get a snack and have some down time before it’s time to go to my next activity. This season is basketball at my school so at about 4:15 it’s time to ball! After test, notes taking, eating, mental breakdowns, bar spitting, and footwork drills, it finally time for me to go home at 6:15 pm.

It may seem like a lot but I love beginning activity and having something to look forward to. What’s your school day like and your favorite part of the day?

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  1. G’day Nichole,
    I wonder if there is a more interesting way to present a timetable of events? You might like to think about visiting some other blogs that have included a timetable.

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