JagArts Performance for the School

This November I preformed in my schools art display night called Jagarts (our mascot is a jaguar). Each art class whether it be drawing, music, or movie making works on a project to present to their fellow classmates and parents. This is meant to be a night for the artist where they can show what they have been working on for the past 8 weeks. The process leading up to the night can be stressful, but the end result is usually very rewarding. Also, it is a fun time to see what your friends have been working on in other class.

For my performance I preformed the song “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Ray with my two other friends, Jennifer and Jagga. The process of selecting a song was tedious and experimental. We had to keep in mine our different talents, the ranges, and keep in mind what the background music would song like along with our voices. My group had probably went though about 10 songs before finally choosing “Summertime Sadness”. However, the day of our final rehearsal, we knew that we had chosen the right song.

The antipation was rising as the hour got closer to our performance. My group had got together to do one last rehearsal in the bathroom before it was time to go on, but their had been an interuption. The fire alarm had gone off and everyone, parents, students, and teachers, had to evacuate to the field. Lucky, it had been a false alarm, maybe some prank. By the time we returned it was time for us to stand center stage. Nerves were still filling my body but it was go time and the performance turned out really well. Overall, I would say that Jagarts was a success. 6732501771_3e53e04dd5_q

4 thoughts on “JagArts Performance for the School

  1. Jagarts sounds so fun, It’s amazing that you like participating in things like it, honestly, I wish that I could do something like that, but anyways I enjoyed reading the part where you were explaining the concept of Jagarts and how you can do all sorts of different things during that art display night. Visit my blog at https://fatimarizwansite.wordpress.com/ !

    • Hi Kate, it was a little nerve racking for the alarm to go off right before my performance but at the same time it relaxed us because it gave us something else to laugh at. Also, I also play basketball at my school and the season just started so I’m really excited! Thanks for the well written comment.

  2. Hey Nichole,
    I remember when it went of two accept I was showing my mom my art. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see any music performances.

    Alex O

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