How to Comment and Commenting Guidelines

Commenting is a way people from around express their opinion on others content. However, since what to comment can be confusing, it’s important to know how to comment and commenting guidelines.

Here are some different ways you can comment on others post. First, compliment the author. As an author its always nice for others to compliment your work, it makes you feel proud. Another option is to make a connection. Connect your own personal or world experience with the author’s post, this could lead to a conversation. This brings me to my next commenting method which is asking a question. The question should relate to the blog but can really be about anything. Like for instances you could say, “How did you come up with the idea for this post?”. Finally, you can add on to the author was saying by imputing more information. For example, if the author is discussion dogs, you could comment about the lifespan of dogs.

Now since we have gone over the type of information you could comment, it’s important to set up guidelines. Guidelines are what you allow on your blog.

Example List:

What would go/ trash: insults, criticism, irrelevant comments

What would stay: the previous ways of commenting listed

Congratulation you now know all you need to know about commenting. Have fun commenting!

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