How to Spot Shade

In 2015 there are many saying and/or memes that are used daily in teens and young adults conversations. For instance, the term “on fleek” or “what are those” are used commonly. Also, phrases can be created that are custom to your school or location like “C Bien” or “DJ [insert name]”. However, throwing shade or being shady is a 21st century skill that is often gone unnoticed but with my help I can assist you in spotting shady active.

To begin with,in order to catch shade you need to know what it is. Shade is when an individual acts in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone/dissing a friend,and usually the person who it is directed to is not aware but the surrounding people are. One of the key clues in spotting shade is using your common knowledge. If someone says something in a conversation and you don’t understand who or what they are talking about, be aware, you might be caught in a shady situation. To continue, if you observe people’s body language you will be able to know if shade is being thrown. First look at the person who you think may be directing the shade.See if they are rolling their eyes or have a smug look on your face. Next, observe the surrounding people.If they are biting their lips, holding in a laugh, have their mouth hanging open, and/or have a shocked expression they may be in the aftershock of the shade. Sometimes, if you are lucky, people will outright say “shade” or “throwing shade like it’s sunny”.

Now, throwing shade is not only limited to interactions in person. Being that we live in 2015,social media and texting is also a common outlet for shaders. On many media platforms you are able to delete your message or comment. Therefore, if you spot a few deleted messages in a row, keep your eyes wide open.

Congratulation, you have the skills for spotting shady activity. Also, always remember to stick to your gut instinct.

You are now in the know on what to know.

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